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Graham Tarbutt – Baritone

I joined HMVC quite a few years ago now, and am still being rewarded with friendship and fun with the guys in the choir. We have improved our performance level enormously during the last five years with our Musical Director, Patrick, at the helm. This climaxed with our 50th Anniversary Concert in the Royal Hall which we shared with our guests, the brilliant Voces8 singers. The choir welcomes men of all ages and abilities and surprises many new recruits when they discover that they have a talent for singing that was not evident to them before joining, and that they fit in very easily. Why not give it a go?

Peter Allen (1st Tenor)

When I initially joined ‘Harrogate Male Voice Choir’ I was nervous, hadn’t sung for many years. The Director, Patrick, said “you’re not bad but there’s room for improvement”. Then I realised he was talking to the whole choir. 12 months on and there’s a real buzz as we all feel we are getting better, a lot better. Banter and quips flow around the choir as our confidence grows. Everybody’s included, there’s a good team feel about rehearsals, we’re starting to feel cocky! And the Director says “you are good — sometimes but there’s room for improvement” and we all know that we are going to enjoy the future. Glad I joined, I love it.

Even the Director smiles, sometimes.

Lawrie Coulthard (2nd Tenor)

I have always enjoyed a whole range of music, including the occasional Karaoke number, but it was by pure chance that I became involved with Harrogate Male Voice Choir, not having previously sung with any choir since my primary school days. After a chance meeting between my sister-in-law and a choir member, I was encouraged to make contact to obtain more details. This led to me joining a car-share arrangement to Tuesday night rehearsals. The choir members could not have been more welcoming, with everyone being so friendly and helpful. I was initially placed with the 2nd Tenors to establish my vocal range and was given brilliant support by my mentors which certainly helped to put me at ease, I am still with them.

I have been hugely impressed by the sheer professionalism of our Musical Team, made up of Director, Patrick and accompanists David and Fiona.

I find the whole experience invigorating, enjoyable, most satisfying and worthwhile, and the results of our efforts a joy to hear.

Ivor Drake (Bass)

Having sung for many years in a four part mixed choir I decided to investigate the possibility of joining a male voice choir. I found a warm welcome at Harrogate Male Voice Choir and soon became appreciative of the unique sound produced by fifty or so enthusiastic members. The Musical Director, Patrick Lee, leads the choir with a disciplined approach managing at the same time to share his passion for different choral arrangements of many classics in the male voice repertoire.

Tony Wren (1st Tenor)

I was in my 80th year before I learned of the Harrogate Male Voice Choir. Fifteen years of retirement had been wasted on relatively trivial pursuits! Rehearsing on a Tuesday evening has become a joy. Not only do we have good company, but we learn techniques of good singing, and end the evening with a sense of accomplishment. My health has also improved since I took up singing again after a gap of nearly sixty years.

Tony Goodall – 2nd Tenor

I joined ‘Harrogate Male Voice Choir’ two and a half years ago. I was then 64 and had never sung in a choir before. I don’t read music very well, but have not found it too difficult to learn the parts – and having learning tracks on the website has helped. I love the variety of songs within our repertoire.

We have two wonderful pianists in Avril and David and our Musical Director Patrick has a fantastic way of passing on his years of experience to those of us who have a lot to learn. It has been a great experience for me. We have a lot of fun and laughs – but we are serious about being as good as we can get.

Ian Brockett – Bass

Born in Cardiff I enjoyed singing in school and as a Church choirboy up until the age of about 11. We rehearsed on a Thursday evening and sang at morning and evening service on the Sunday. I do remember it as a worthwhile activity especially when our singing made the old ladies get their hankies out and also the choir trips to Weston Super Mare on the paddle steamer.

I had a long break and I was 28 when I joined a Male Voice Choir in Bedfordshire and was hooked. I am now aged 68 and I still enjoying singing, perhaps more than before as Harrogate Male Voice Choir now performs confidently as the result of fresh musical direction. I would encourage any man who has the slightest inclination to sing to come in and give it a try and you will not regret it.

John Smith – 2nd Tenor

I have been singing with the choir for over ten years now and continue to enjoy it.

My colleagues have all been friendly, and experienced singers have helped me with learning how to read my music part and sing well.

I enjoy the standard MVC repertoire and the leadership of our MD, and I always look forward to performing at concerts.

John Dawson – Baritone

I joined the choir over 20 years ago after hearing about it and being persuaded by another choir member. I had never sung or been in any choir in my life before that. I enjoyed music but only as a listener and having by then reached my mid 40’s had never learnt to read music (but then neither does Paul McCartney). I came as a raw recruit – was told I was a baritone and have been so ever since. I was sat between a couple of other baritones who showed me how to find my way through the music and it really didn’t take me long to join in the singing. I now know we can all sing and it was the help, encouragement and support from everyone else which enabled me to do also. The choir has become a very important part of my life over the years, and I have enjoyed supporting the choir by being on the committee a few times and joining in all the social events.

Richard Shaw – Bass

I joined HMVC after spending nearly half a century in foreign parts to find one old school mate and another fellow from the same foreign part I had lived in were also Members. A great way to renew old acquaintances. Choir Members come to rehearsals from all parts of the Harrogate area so, if you think you can’t get to the Choir, as I did, you will have very little trouble getting a lift. Very generous and most accommodating people. What a pleasure. Singing helps the breathing and helps to expand the lungs into the lower abdomen. That is my excuse for my waistline growing anyway.