I joined the choir over 20 years ago after hearing about it and being persuaded by another choir member. I had never sung or been in any choir in my life before that. I enjoyed music but only as a listener and having by then reached my mid 40’s had never learnt to read music (but then neither does Paul McCartney). I came as a raw recruit – was told I was a baritone and have been so ever since. I was sat between a couple of other baritones who showed me how to find my way through the music and it really didn’t take me long to join in the singing. I now know we can all sing and it was the help, encouragement and support from everyone else which enabled me to do also. The choir has become a very important part of my life over the years, and I have enjoyed supporting the choir by being on the committee a few times and joining in all the social events.

John Dawson - Baritone