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HMVC – Member’s News 22nd September 2020

by Brian Holmes

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are all well and that you enjoyed the fine autumn weather we had last       week.  Although everything may look colourful outside, it seems that we may soon be     starting another period of risk, restriction and uncertainty due to CV19.

So meanwhile, whether you are planting bulbs in the garden, enjoying our      countryside, listening to music or watching TV –  or  reading a good book…. ………..enjoy!

Graham Shaw

I  reported in July about Graham’s progress towards recovery after his back operation in April.   I was pleased to hear from John Hopkins that Graham  continues to improve. He is still using a stick, and this recently enabled him to complete a circular walk within the  NT’s Fountains Abbey/ Studley Royal Estate. This is one of our           favourite places  also, so well done, Graham !

Dave Millar

I understand from John Melanaphy that Dave has been suffering from health problems recently. As you know Dave is Section Leader for the T1 Section, which    currently involves keeping in touch with his Section members. John has kindly agreed to take over this task for the time being. We wish Dave well through this difficult period.

Lawrie Coulthard.

I mentioned last time about Lawrie’s successes in Walking Football.  I hope you all enjoyed reading his interesting life history in the last Newsletter.

As I have not received any other messages to the contrary, I think I’m safe in presuming that you are still all OK at present!  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Section Leader, if you have something relevant to share.

Keeping in touch.

I expect that many of you are in touch with choir colleagues, whilst we are unable to rehearse together. In my opinion this is important and I encourage  you to continue.

If you don’t, why not choose your preferred media, and give someone you normally   chat with a call this week.   As mentioned previously, if anyone would like a chat   anytime, don’t hesitate   to ring me on 01423 547999.

Best wishes and keep safe.

John Smith

Members Rep.

HMVC – Newsletter 22nd September 2020

by Brian Holmes

Thank you Lawrie for a super newsletter last week. I enjoyed reading about you. Tony Wren will be doing something for us next week. Will you all please give a thought to making a contribution, which can be as short and pithy as you like or go into more detail. The choice is yours. Send to me or David Bayne.

Your Section Leaders met for a walk on the Stray and a chat last week. They discussed options for the future and sent a note round the Committee of their thoughts. The Committee will be meeting on the 1st October and all the contents of the note will  be discussed and feedback given to the Section Leaders. I am sure your Section Leader will be happy to have a chat with you about any of your ideas/worries for the future or you can contact any member of the Committee. Any decision of the Committee will be related to you in a Newsletter.

The MD appointment Group has exchanged views about how we should progress an appointment and whom we might contact. Again, those views will be discussed by Committee on the 1st October. If you come across or hear about any potential candidate please let me, George Cross or David Healy know. In this regard I am thankful for the advice I get from David Mawson.

The AGM has been discussed by the Committee and it has decided that it will not be possible to hold a physical meeting. That being the case an agenda will be sent out with proposals to all members asking you to send a proxy vote by email/post on those proposals. The Agenda will be brief, dealing only with approval of the Treasurer’s report, a budget and subscription for 2020/21 and appointment of auditors. We will leave collection of subs in abeyance for a while. We realise that meeting and performing will be severely curtailed and therefore the view can be taken that subs should be proportionate to the weeks when rehearsals take place. On the other hand the Choir does have outgoings that need to be met. My personal take on this is that we all be asked to pay 50% of the the annual subs with those who wish to pay more doing so. The Committee would appreciate your views on this either when you return your proxy vote or by direct contact with any Cttee member or Section leader. This will help the Cttee make a decision. Other matters normally on the AGM agenda will be raised at a Special General Meeting to be held as soon as we are able.

AGMs have traditionally had an informal section where questions from members are answered and suggestions considered. That will be included in the SGM. However there is no need to wait for that meeting. Any Committee member will be happy to hear from you on any matter or you might prefer to contact your Section leader. We are all here to listen and help.

Best wishes


Patrick’s 6 years with Harrogate Male Voice Choir.

by Brian Holmes


The day you receive this email attachment will be the sixth anniversary of the start of my tenure of the Musical Director position with HMVC. I had planned to say some or all of the following at my last rehearsal on 12th May 2020 but Coronavirus restrictions have put paid to that. Today seems like as good a day as any.

At the outset, I had no idea what to expect but, within a very few weeks, I was certain that we could achieve that indefinable but universally-well-known sound of a really good MVC. I also knew that I had to create a good working relationship with the pianist. Avril was, of course, very helpful and very committed to her position and she worked hard on rehearsing the piano parts at home. True to say that, in those first few months, the choir grew on me.

There have been many memorable moments during my six years at the helm but I would like to remind you of just a few (in no particular order). The lunchtime recital at Ripon Cathedral. The 50th Anniversary concert at the Royal Hall.  Awaydays. Sing Out. All the other performances have a place in the overflowing box of memorable moments; most of them for the right reasons and, just occasionally, for the wrong reasons.

I wanted to create a much more varied repertoire than had been the case before I took over and I think we have achieved that. As a choir, HMVC is now capable of performing to a much higher standard than was the case before 2014. The numbers of members in all sections are higher and we have been extremely fortunate to have both Davids to accompany us for the last few years. They have both displayed a fully professional attitude in both rehearsals and performances. It has been a great pleasure to work with them.

I am sure that you will find a good MD to take over from me in the next few months. Your Chairman and his committee are working very hard to make this happen. Do give them all the support you can.

I am hoping to remain connected to HMVC by being available to write any arrangements you might require in the next few years.

Thanks to you all for so much. It has been an unforgettable experience.

Best wishes,


March 2020.

Important Message from the Chairman.

by Brian Holmes

Covid 19 Virus

Due to the Covid 19 virus and government regulations the choir has suspended all rehearsals and concerts until further notice.
Members will be kept in touch with each other via a bi-weekly newsletter which the Committee will compile.
If you wish to make a contribution to the newsletter please send to me or any Committee member. Please send any personal news to John Smith. Contact details are in the Member’s section of the web site.
I wish you all a safe journey through the coming months and look forward to singing with you again as soon as possible.
Peter Allen

HMVC Concert Diary – Updated 19th March 2020.

by Brian Holmes

Due to the Covid 19 virus all HMVC rehearsals and concerts have been cancelled or suspended until further notice.

December 2020:

Saturday 12th December at 7.30pm.

Concert at St Mary the Virgin Church, Goldsborough, in aid of church funds.

January 2021:

Sunday 10th January at 2.30pm.

Concert at Starbeck Methodist Church HG2 7LH.  In aid of church funds and local charities.

HMVC Member Reviews

by Brian Holmes

We hold a number of ‘Member Reviews’ which can be found in the ‘Join Us’ Section in the main body of the website.  We urgently need some new reviews to replace the existing ones which have been on the site for a long time.  Please send your reviews to Brian Holmes via e-mail to be checked before being placed on the website.

Website News

by Brian Holmes

All future Concert dates and venues can be found in the main body of the website in the ‘Hear Us’ Section headed ‘Event Diary’ which is available to the general public.  Additional information relevant to members only e.g. pre-concert rehearsal times can be obtained by going to the ‘Members Only’ Section, Choir Diary and then clicking on the appropriate date for the concert eg 16th Dec:

For any faults or difficulties encountered whilst using the website, please E-mail ( you don’t need to wait for a Tuesday night (you may have forgotten your problem by then! or I may not be there) and we don’t want anyone to have an excuse for not doing their practise!!!



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