Hello everyone,

Last Friday we saw the CV19 rules change  to make a face covering mandatory in     shops and other confined public spaces.  This action recognises the ongoing serious   threat to life which could involve  a return to lockdown.

I do hope that people will acknowledge the risk and act responsibly for all our sakes,  as it is clear that enforcement by the police or shop staff is not really possible.

Collecting my prescription recently, I was offered a winter flu jab appointment.

Clearly the NHS is aware of the risk of a second CV19 spike coinciding with winter   flu cases  –  but I really didn’t want to be reminded about  impending winter just yet!


Len Jemison                 

I can report that Len is recovering well following a successful heart operation in June.

I had a phone chat with him last weekend during which he said he felt much better.

We discussed the resumption of choir rehearsals and its implications.

He mentioned that he has been keeping in touch with some choir members and how that has also helped.

Graham Shaw.

Graham is recovering well after his back operation. When I rang, he was pleased to say that he no longer needed the walking sticks that he had up to recently relied upon.

Clearly there is a long way to go to full recovery, but the signs are promising and he now has full feeling in his legs. I passed on best wishes from us all.

David Healy

I was recently informed that David is to undergo a back operation on Aug 7th at Leeds. I knew he had been in pain for some time now and so I echo his hopes that this will go a long way towards successfully resolving those problems. I had a chat with him last week, discussing this and choir issues, and he was in good spirits.

As I have not received any other messages to the contrary, from individuals or Section Leaders – I think I’m safe in thinking that you are still all OK at present!  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Section Leader, if you have something    relevant to share.

Members living alone.

As mentioned previously, if anyone would like a chat anytime, just to keep in touch, don’t hesitate to ring me on 01423 547999.

Best wishes and keep safe.

John Smith

Members Rep.