Hello everybody,

Tony Goodall has received replies to the questionnaire  from about two thirds of the membership, which means we can be confident about the results. That’s a good response, thank you to everyone who took part.

The great majority do not wish to meet again until after government guidelines are published and a considerable number believe that it will be January and beyond before we start practices again. The Committee has accepted that view and will make no plans to restart until it has been able to consider those guidelines. Even then, we need to respect the age and vulnerability of members. I think we shall be consulting you all again after receiving the government advice.

At the appropriate time we shall contact the Chapel to learn its requirements. What it wishes to see will influence our plans.

We are conscious that the time elapse before we start again will probably affect numbers and recruitment plans will be put in place at the appropriate time. We are also looking at whether we need an AGM this year and, if so, how we will manage it. You will realise that we will have to try to sustain income and we will be ‘talking’ to you about that later in the year. A few people are looking at a possible short repertoire for our restart. If we identify about 8-10 popular numbers that we know well, we could rehearse on line and restart at a gallop.

There will now be a newsletter holiday until the 8th September, when you will hear from me again. Don’t forget, if you want to talk about any of the issues above or any other matter at all, please contact me or any other Committee member.

Best wishes for the summer break


ps  My haircut was a halfway house. Chicken.